Have You Ever Viewed Your Website On A Mobile Device...Consumers are mobile... is your business optimized for mobile consumers

Can Your Customers View Your Website Whilst Mobile?

Are you losing business by not having a optimized mobile website?
When a website is accessed through a mobile device, usually a Smartphone, the website appears to be disjointed. This happens since most websites are optimized to be viewed through a monitor size of 15/17/21 inches. As mobile telephones continue to evolve at a staggering rate, it is becoming a business requirement to provide customers with a optimzed mobile website that is easily navigated, quick to call and more importantly, readable when using a mobile device to order products or services you provide.

Mobile website designs focus on creating a similar design as your primary website.

Our mobile website designs are easier to access and faster to load while at the same time offering the same quality as the original website.

Since the number of mobile users are increasing everyday, Businesses cannot afford to ignore such an immense business opportunity. Mobile website designs offers a platform where you can tap into this enormous opportunity. Having a mobile website keeps you one step ahead of the competition.

Features & Functions

Included with every mobile website we design.
  • (Compatibale with over 5300 phone variations)
  • Fully compliant, Following HTML / CSS / Javascript & PHP Coding best practise guides.
  • Your web site logo.
  • Integrated social networks like YouTube, Twitter, Facebook & Linkedin & Pinterest
  • Easy one touch "Tap To Call Functionality". Customers can contact you with a single tap of a button.
  • Google maps integrated - using your business post code to help with directions.
  • Email contact script with error detection. Easily receive business inquiries.
  • Upto 5 mobile pages with every basic mobile website.
  • Full installation services once completed.
  • Java script installed and configured that detects screen size & auto re-directs to mobile website.
  • Designed with customers in mind.
  • Designed for thumbs.

Additional Development Features Available

Dynamic Device Market - A Challenge Indeed

Mobile devices are getting more and more powerful in terms of speed and performance. This dynamic market presents a huge challenge to businesses. Mobile websites have to be developed as per the upcoming trends, devices vary according to their screen size, operating system and user interface. 3TTechnology provide optimized websites to local, national & international that are easily accessible and rich in multimedia experience for consumers whilst on-the-go

What Businesses Can Take Advantages?

Contrary to the popular myth, mobile websites are highly business specific. Certain businesses are more profitable when integrating a mobile website with the primary website. Therefore, it is important that you know the requirements of your niche before developing a mobile website version. Here are some businesses that ought to have mobile website developed:

  • Mobile Hairdresser.
  • Plumber.
  • Computer Repair.
  • Florist.
  • Dentist.
  • Solicitor.
  • Builder.

Apart from these business niches, other businesses too can have a hand held website. However, if your business belongs to this list, than it is high time that you realize the huge market potential. Almost every business can choose to have mobile website in order to step up to the competition.

A Design Department For Busy Professionals

Just like any other department of your business, developing and management of a mobile optimized website is best handled by professionals. 3TTechnology can help you achieve high traffic through this extremely competitive realm. Our mobile websites may be accessed via smaller devices but they are in no way a small job. Our services help design a mobile version of your website that offers:
  • Easy accessibility through mobile browsers.
  • Adhere to screen resolution and dimensional changes on various mobile platforms. This makes sure your mobile website will be displayed on all the screens sizes.
  • Live feed can be integrated into the mobile website to truly provide live feed to your customer on-the-go.
  • Specific features can be added to any mobile websites that are not available on desktop/laptop version of your website. Different mobile platforms offer different hardware configurations providing information dissemination of all kinds.
  • Mobile websites can be programmed to obtain information from your primary databases.
  • In case of Mobile e-commerce websites, enhanced payment features are added to improve online shopping experience.

Put Your Business Infront Of The New Consumer

Our design services are geared towards delivering a rich mobile experience for consumers. Instead of focusing on different versions for different platforms, we create universal mobile websites that cater to all mobile device users. This presents you with the opportunity to appeal to almost every other mobile device on the street. Our packages are designed to offer the best possible service at the most economical prices. Allow us to personally guide you in making strides into the mobile consumer market.

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