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Mobile media is quickly becoming the consumers preferred source of product purchasing.

social ecommerceMobile & Sms Text Message Media is one of the hottest, most successful forms of marketing in the high tech, e-commerce world we live in today.

Mobile E-commerce is the exchange of goods and services online. It is predicted that the rate of consumer shopping online will rise at least 15 percent over the next 5 years. A Powerhouse For Small Businesses.

Mobile Media and Social Media are two of the top driving forces in the e-commerce world.

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Hand Held Media or M-Commerce

With the rise in popularity, convenience and availability of mobile communication devices, people can access information on the go, any time of day, without having access to a computer. When a consumer is looking to buy a product, statistics show that over 60 percent will based their decision on consumer ratings and consumer reviews. This means that a person can be interested in a product in a particular store, pull out their mobile phone and search the web for reviews of that product and retailer, even look for a better deal elsewhere.

Thirty-one percent of consumers research a product on the mobile device and 34 percent of those have decided against a particular purchase after reading a negative review.

SMS, or Short Message Service, is also known as a text message. It is estimated that a message sent via mobile device is received and read within 4 minutes. That makes mobile media an ideal form of marketing for business owners and retailers.

Aspects of the attraction of mobile media include:

Convenience, Multi-channel, Engagement, Dialogue, Real time & Control.

You Should Be Following Your Customers

While social media, such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest & Linkedin allow people to follow brands and people, mobile media helps a business follow the consumer.

Mobile media encompasses a wide range of strategies for businesses. M-commerce spans across cell phones, smart phones, iPads, e-readers and tablet PCs. It allows a business to collect data about consumer behavior and location, which enables the business to provide the consumer a dynamic, personalized site experience with relevant recommendations.

Mobile E-commerce satisfies consumers and businesses through three methods:


Connects with consumers whilst they are anywhere & everywhere

Allows the brand to interact and engage their audience

Utilize user-generated content

Create an exciting experience for the audience


Create and drive relationships based on consumer permission

Obtain data including interests, demographics and location


Drive the consumer to an online mobile webstore

Engage the consumer by offering coupons and special deals

Encourage the consumer to a specific experience at a location

Consumers are able to interact with business and products on the go and on their preferred medium.

M-commerce includes both mobile apps and mobile websites. Just as with traditional web-browsing and online shopping, the consumer can purchase anything from their mobile device from products like books, music, apparel, to tickets, financial or travel services, gifts and information.

An estimated 87 percent of the world populations were mobile subscribers at the end of 2011.

The International Telecommunication Union estimated that mobile use had increased worldwide from 4.7 billion subscribers in 2009, 5.4 billion in 2010 to 6 billion in 2011. That is roughly one cell phone subscription per person.

Establishing a business or expanding an existing business into an E-commerce business used to be a daunting venture. Now, a business can establish an online presence with just a few clicks.

Just as the trend from brick and mortar stores to online shopping has brought huge rewards to both business owners and consumers, the market expansion into social and mobile media is bringing in a whole new demographic of customers.

As technology evolves, so does the ease of developing, launching and maintaining a successful, productive and economical mobile webstore. Mobile media is the wave of the future and by utilizing both E-commerce and M-commerce, both the business and the consumer reap the profits and the rewards. Register Here...

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