The Most Important Aspect of Search Engine Optimization...
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Key Phrase Research & Analysis Exercise

google searchUnderstanding what key phrases bring in the most traffic is by far the most important aspect of search engine optimization, including keyword research and keyword analysis. Improving your chances of being discovered on major search engines, like Google, Yahoo & Bing! actually begins with a successful brain storming session with work colleagues, family and friends. This initial step serves as the building blocks for future search engine optimization campaigns.

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What is Keyword Research & Analysis

Search engines, such as the big three, select websites on the basis of keywords entered by the user. Although, there is a complex algorithm that determines a website's ranking placement, keyword relevancy is the major factor. When a user performs a search by entering certain keywords or keyphrases, the search engine immediately matches the corresponding websites and displays results accordingly.

Keyword research and analysis is the process of selecting highly appropriate keywords that make your website stand out from the crowd. These keywords will have to be employed in off-page link building strategies and incorporated into your On-Page SEO to achieve higher rankings. in order to receive optimum performance through organic search results, keyword research analysis has to be undertaken carefully. Some key factors that determine the success of your keyword research campaign are:

  • Relevancy
  • Traffic
  • Competition
  • Commerciality

Search engines, like Google, Bing & Yahoo crawl & index your content to determine relevance of each web page when a user conducts a text search. Each search engine uses their own secret algorithm to calculate webpage content that best suits the search term.

Key Phrase Relevancy

SEO keyword relevancy refers to the popularity/importance of the keyword in qualitative terms. Keyword relevance enables webmasters to focus more on prominent keywords that matter more to a clients website. Keyword relevancy score helps determine how much relevance a certain keyword holds to your website.

This realm of keyword research & analysis enables you to quickly determine which keywords will be most relevant. An important part of keyword relevance can be customer interaction, search engine behavior patterns and of course brain storming sessions.

Traffic Analysis

SEO Keyword Traffic - The next important factor in determining a keyword to target is the keyword traffic. This indicates the content that is attracting the most number of visitors. Simply put, the keywords that are driving high traffic. regular keyword data can be used to prioritize content marketing, guide sales and direct traffic to other pages.

Keyword analysis can be tweaked further using data from traffic analysis. For e.g. highly targeted ads can be crafted, landing pages can be altered and high quality keyword relevance can be achieved using keyword traffic and research.

Keyword Competition

SEO Keyword Competition - Thinking about a keyword and actually getting it are two different things. Keyword competition refers to the demand-supply measure of a certain keyword. It tells webmasters how difficult it will be to target/implement a certain keyword in terms of money and competitiveness. Keyword research and analysis includes financial constraints and competition analysis.

The factors that determine how competitive a certain keyword is quality and number of backlinks, link popularity, anchor text and how optimized are the websites that currently bid for that keyword. Keyword competition analysis tells you exactly how much it is going to cost you to achieve top ranking.

Key Phrase Commerciality

SEO Keyword Commerciality - The potential profitability offered by a certain keyword is called keyword commerciality. A highly profitable keyword is likely to drive high traffic to your website and in turn increase revenue. Keyword research and keyword analysis often includes selecting keywords that are relevant to your website, already command high respect for driving traffic and do offer decent competition while bidding. These keywords are also likely to result in higher conversion rate i.e. high quality traffic that includes more genuine buyers instead of mere visitors.

Research For SEO Marketing Efforts

Major companies discuss at length how seo keyword research and keyword analysis is crucial. Yet, this is the most ignored realm. Relying on gut-feeling to choose keywords without considering the technical aspects will lead to a fruitless marketing campaigns. Costing hundreds, if not thousands of pounds, not to mention time. For any advertising strategy to succeed, professional methods have to be adopted. We employ latest tools, research and methods to get you the results you want from your online marketing campaigns. Don't wait for outdated strategies to pour in results. Trust the professionals to sail you through rough waters of seo keyword research and keyword analysis.

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