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Home computer support services. 3TTechnology provide basic free Home user Pc Support & Helpful tips for Home IT Repairs. With over 12 years of professional industry support experience
supporting many different platforms, operating systems, pc desktops and personal laptop hardware and software issues on a daily basics, we come qualified with a vast amount of experience to provide home computer support services, home user pc support & Home I.T Repairs.

Home Computer Support Services - Setting A Strong Password

One of the first steps of home user pc support is setting a strong password for youre user account.

The importance of a strong password is very similar to shuting all windows and double checking all doors are locked when leaving the house of a morning. You do so to have piece of mind that your home is secure. Securing your home computer is just as important.

3T Technology can remove the annoying slow computer syndrom from any computer, laptop or notebook running any windows operating system, Our service will lower your stress levels when waiting for the computer to catch up to your speed. Making using your home computer enjoyable again.

Home User Pc Support

There is nothing more annoying than a slow computer - Remote Computer Repairs Available

3T Technology over the years have increased the performance of hundreds, if not thousands of home and business computers and personal laptops.

Removing the cause of the dreaded Slow Computer Syndrome should take no more than 15 minutes. We will advise on how to prevent your computer from slowing down, maintenance and service tips including Microsoft Windows & Security updates.

There are many reasons why your computer may be effect by the slow computer syndrome, most notably spyware / malware or possibly viruses, other reasons may be that your computer may just need a good cleaning up of the operating system and redundant temp files and programs serviced.

Easily remove pests such as Vundo, TDSS, AntiVirus Pro 2010, and thousands more! Repair broken Internet Connections, Desktops, Registry Editing and more with our unique Repair System. Our Dedicated Threat Research Team scours the web for new threats and provides daily definition updates.

Home Pc Support

Detecting & Removing Home Pc Viruses - Remote Computer Repairs Available

AntivirussoftwareHelping you to identify & delete viruses, spyware & adware from your home computer. Using industry software free of charge.

3T Technology have indentified SuperAnitSpyware software as the most thorough scanner on the market. SuperAntiSpyware Multi-Dimensional Scanning and Process Interrogation Technology will detect spyware other products simply miss.

Search, Detect, and Remove known spyware and adware from your home computer.
Wireless networking can be thought of as Morse code for computers.For all its complicated ability, is far simpler to use than you might expect. Wireless networks use radio waves instead of wires to transmit data between computers. It's well known that computers transmit information digitally, using binary code: ones and zeros.

Home Computer Support

Configuring A Wireless Router

Understanding your home wireless network and fault finding wireless networking connectivity issues is easy once you know how too. Follow our simple steps to configure your wireless router and add more computers to your home wireless network.

Learn the basics of home wirless router configuration in the matter of minutes with our easy to follow step-by-step guide to wirless networking.
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