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Professional Facebook Fanpage Design Services

Facebook fanpage designs for Facebook, the most frequently accessed website in the world, serves as a particularly beneficial marketing tool for business professionals. In 2011, Facebook altered their previous acceptance of Facebook Markup Language (FBML) and solely permits the use of iframes in the creation of Facebook fan pages. Northwest Web designers understand how to optimize Facebook fan page content using iframes to bring fans one step closer to your website, and to becoming potential business consumers.

Take a moment and consider these facebook facts:

• 700 million active users and half of these people log in every day.
• 1 out of every 13 people on the planet use Facebook representing 50+ countries.
• Just within 20 minutes, 1 million links and 1,484,000 event invites are posted.
• 48% users between the age group 18-34, log in Facebook first thing in the morning.
• On average, each user connected to 80 groups, Facebook fanpage design and events.
• 70 percent users from outside United States.
• 20 million apps installed every day and 250 million mobile device users.
• Lastly, Facebook has around 16,000,000 fanpages.

Interesting facts, right? These facts don’t matter to the average Joe. However, to an entrepreneur, these numbers sing a different song. They represent an enormous business opportunity. This is precisely why Facebook Fanpage Design is the hottest thing today.

Professional Facebook Fanpage Design Services

Facebook Fanpages are an excellent tool for online marketing. They help you reach your customer directly without resorting to spam emails or pesky marketing tactics. In fact, it’s the customer that comes knocking at your door (or fanpage!). Since all the major companies have them, Facebook fanpage design is best left to professionals. Being experts of online social media, these proficient men make sure your Facebook fanpage design is innovatively geared towards your business’s success.

What Good Can Facebook Fanpage Designs Do to my Business?

Well, if you are asking, here’s some enlightenment:

1. RSS Integration – These can be integrated with your website’s RSS feed. And with a great Facebook fanpage design, you are guaranteed a steady content stream.

2. Build Custom Facebook Apps – Every business has different needs and thus custom-made marketing products. Facebook fanpage design allows you to create custom facebook applications for according to your customer base.

3. Announce Events – Important events, seminars, new product or business parties can be announced directly. Facebook fanpage design acts as a personal billboard on the “e-Times Square”.

4. Interact Directly – Good businessmen know there’s nothing like reaching to your audience directly. It may take time, but it is better than cold-advertising anytime. Facebook fanpage design can be customized to gather real-time feedback also.

5. No ‘5000 Friends’ Limit – Unlike regular Facebook users, there is no limit as to how many people can subscribe to your fanpage updates. Professional Facebook fanpage design ensures your following reaches thousands in a matter of days.

6. Target Acquired – The people who follow you through Fanpages didn’t just stumbled upon your page. These people are loyal to your brand and come together for a purpose. Such online communities consist of users who are more likely to buy your product and professional Facebook fanpage design makes sure this community grows at a steady pace.

7. SEO Advantage - Did I tell you that Google indexes fanpages. This gives you more footing in search engine rankings. A good Facebook fanpage design contains backlinks to your website’s pages and in turn earns you SEO points. It can also be integrated with your blog. Other search giants like Yahoo and Bing have also jumped on this bandwagon.

8. Fanpage Analytics – Some great analytic tools are integrated into Facebook fanpage design. Through these, owners can track their client’s demography, location, sex, age, clicks and time spent on each page. People, who know analytics, know it’s worth spending time. Add these world class features to a professional Facebook fanpage design and you have got a winner in your hand.

How do I get a Professional Facebook Fanpage Design

This is where things heat up. See, anybody can write and slap a fanpage overnight. That’s why there are fanpages and then there are ‘The Fanpages’. Our Facebook fanpage design services provide you with professional fanpages that are customized according to your business’s requirements. We offer customized designs along with powerful Facebook fanpage apps to go with it.

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