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Professional Facebook Application Design Services

Facebook Application Design, In the recent years, Facebook has transformed itself from a social network to an all-inclusive social operating system. With an over 700 million worldwide user base, it presents businesses with immense marketing potential. And Facebook applications help you tap into this sea of opportunity. A customized facebook application design can engage your online audience and maximize your marketing impact.

Facebook application design allows you to interact more dynamically with your customers. To better understand this facebook application concept consider Facebook apps are your Facebook Fanpage on steroids. These customized and intuitive facebook applications can be integrated to your Facebook fanpage to bring about a more dynamic functionality to your online marketing. Facebook application design allows for limitless possibilities when it comes to creative marketing.

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Facebook Application Design Can Transform your Business

Today, social media serves as a platform for businesses to promote their latest products, services, gather reviews and make announcements. Facebook application design is a major tool that helps businesses accomplish all this and then some. They provide an interactive interface to the potential customers thereby allowing better communication. A great Facebook application design can utilize system resources to the maximum potential and deliver awesome user-experiences making them come back for more.

Facebook Application Design - Branding
Imagine targeting more than 700 million potential clients at one go. On an average, each Facebook user has 136 friends. This means one ‘like’ post can open doors to 136 more customers. Facebook application design help amplify your brand’s presence by targeting users of different age, sex and regions.

Facebook Application Design - Customer Engagement
Facebook application design can be customized to make it highly intuitive. A game-like interactive user-interface can keep your clients engaged. Even dull business facets can be made interesting through Facebook apps.

Facebook Application Design - Traffic Conversion
Highly optimized Facebook application design can drive a considerable amount of traffic from your Facebook fanpage to your company’s website/blog. Links to your website can be integrated into these applications using banners/graphics. Also, these apps generate a lot of revenue from CPM/CPC ads.

Facebook Application Design - Lead Generation
Business leads are extremely important for expansion. Customized Facebook application design can help you capture email addresses and generate a huge email marketing list. Don’t be limited to just branding as these applications can also be used to generate leads.

Facebook Application Design - Get Creative
Just like the real world marketing, there are no limitations here. Your Facebook application design depends on your innate creativity. For example, even a small store in a distant county can create an app that helps its customers create and print discount coupons. These can be later brought to the store and redeemed.

Facebook Application Design – Analytics
Just like website stats, Facebook application design can be scrutinized. Insights can be used to track the performance of your app and improve user experience. Also, as of 1st October 2011, Facebook requires you to have a SSL certificate installed on your hosting account to use apps successfully. Your app administration team can track:

• Traffic/Referral traffic
• Demographics (only for authorized users)
• Facebook Application Design Using the facebook API
• Access to throttling and allocation information

Professional Facebook Application Design Services

If you are looking for a professional Facebook application design, we are the best place to start. We offer interactive yet economical Facebook applications that can be setup in a few minutes. Easily add your application to existing facebook fanpage, your Facebook application design is completely customized as per your business requirements to attract appropriate customers.

Professional Facebook Application Design Services

• Interactive yet simple to use apps
• Each app comes with 7 days free SSL certificate hosting
• 2 weeks of Facebook geotargeting advertising
• Each app will be hosted on our servers for the duration of the app campaign
• Each app includes email capture service for email marketing campaigns

Our Facebook application design is sure to increase your online customer base and revenue. Even if you are a novice, we are always there to help our customers throughout application installation, integration, modification and promotion. Our Facebook application design team consists of qualified Facebook developers and artistic designers. So, get ready for a rich customer experience.

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