Friends Have Always Liked Shopping Together...Customers Can Easily Share, Like & Text Your Products Across Multiple Social & Mobile Networks With Family & Friends....

Social Webstore Solutions

social ecommerceFacebook Social Media E-Commerce Solutions Today’s most popular online activity is social networking. It is no wonder that many businesses are finding new avenues of marketing and profit building in the social E-commerce market.

F-commerce, or Facebook Commerce, An E-Commerce Powerhouse For Small Businesses.

In the 2nd quarter of 2012 alone, the social media giant, Facebook e-commerce or F-commerce, boasts 60 percent of purchases driven by social media. E-commerce, or buying and selling goods and services online, has become the consumer’s preferred way to shop, and social and mobile media are fast becoming the means by which a business communicates with the customer.

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Likes & Shares Generate Revenue

The Facebook social network is the place where people go to share information with their friends, family and work colleges. The largest social network on the web, Facebook has over 1 Billion (With a B) active users. However, Facebook is not just for socializing. Now, businesses can set up stores for a total customer experience.

When a customer “likes” or “shares” your product with family, friends or work colleges through our integrated sms and social sharing feature, they can click the link to see what you have shared with them. This innovation will complement the site’s existing advertising and commercial services and develop more streams of revenue-generation for social webstore owners.

Four Ways Start-Ups or Existing Businesses Can Profit From Facebook E-commerce Solutions

Utilize the Site’s Share, Each webstore has a facebook integrated share button to allow you to easily share your new or existing products on your business page

Engaging the customer and creating a dynamic experience is at the heart of e-commerce on Facebook. The ability to comment on products or services and passing along this information to friends and acquaintances translate into an increase in product views and purchases. This also means that a person may not even be searching for a particular product but when friends “like” is posted to another friend’s newsfeed, this creates a potential customer with the opportunity to easily visit the store and perhaps purchase that product.

Simple and Secure E-Commerce

The social aspect of shopping makes the Facebook e-commerce experience more desirable than a traditional web-based store. Facebook offers a simple and secure environment by encompassing the total shopping experience within the Facebook platform. This means no redirects to an outside website as inventory can be incorporated directly into individual pages to provide visitors with an online window shopping experience. Transactions can be completed by integrating a payment system on Facebook so payments can be processed just as they would be at the merchant’s website.

Track Your Trends

Take advantage of the analytic tools Facebook offers to measure performance. Track what item is getting the most views, what is selling the best, and what is the most popular product being shared. This allows the brands to customize their pages in order to target their key audience.

Increase ROI, or Return On Investments, by Utilizing F-Commerce for Social Campaigns

Businesses can integrate Facebook Daily Deals that cause a “Like” to redirect the user to their Facebook store. They also have the ability to post promotions, flash sales or ads to the site Wall to encourage views and allow a quick and easy purchasing ability.

Social E-Commerce Solutions as Simple as 1, 2, 3!

1. Launch Your Store

2. Manage Your Store

3. Promote Your Store

E-commerce combined with F-commerce, add to that M-commerce, and a business has a total marketing strategy that will put them on the front foot of tomorrow’s hottest technological advances.

Engage With, Share With & Promote On The Widest Demographic Social Network

Facebook users come from a wide demographic and, by providing merchants with ways to integrate purchasing into their pages, Facebook has created a more social and enjoyable form of ecommerce.

Friends have always liked to shop together. With Facebook E-commerce solutions, friends can “Like” and shop together any hour of the day, every day of the year. A business that has expanded into F-commerce can watch their popularity rise and their profits soar.

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